Author Topic: [E]The Next Session Is Planned!  (Read 78 times)


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[E]The Next Session Is Planned!
« on: November 12, 2010, 11:00:11 AM »
I have finished planning the encounter for the next session!

In case I hadn't mentioned it yet, the goal is to set it up so that everyone will get to level 3 so we can get used to the Gamma World rules and the house rules for the campaign. We'll see where we go from there, I hope you enjoy the ride!

I have also been building up my collection of miniatures so that we have plenty of heroes, villains, and monsters to work with.

I've been tapped to run an Encounters table on Wednesdays. With any luck, this will help me improve my DMing experience so that I can make the games more fun for everyone.

Also, a new house rule will be coming into play. Don't worry, it's not a change to the Gamma World rules, but something a bit more fun. See it in the next post after I've finished fleshing it out.