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[D]House Rule Update: Second Wind
« on: November 09, 2010, 12:10:38 AM »
Second Wind gets an update today by giving Pure-Strain humans a special use. Since they cannot use Alpha Mutations, a Pure-Strain Human may, if he chooses, automatically recharge one of his Omega Techs. But it comes at a cost.

[ENCOUNTER]   SECOND WIND[/ENCOUNTER][FLAVOR]   You dig into your resolve and endurance to find an extra burst of vitality.[/FLAVOR]   Encounter
   Minor Action
[FLAVOR]   Choose one of the following:[/FLAVOR]

[BULL] Regain Hit Points equal to your Bloodied value. In addition, you gain +2 to all defenses until the start of your next turn. If you are unable to take actions, another character can use a standard action to trigger your Second Wind.

[BULL] Refresh an Alpha Mutation. Instead of healing and gaining a defense bonus, you may choose one of your tapped Alpha Mutations and refresh it. You are able to use the power and/or overcharge of that mutation a second time.

[BULL] Force Flux. Instead of healing and gaining a defense bonus, you may choose to force an Alpha Flux. Draw a new mutation from either your deck or the DM's deck as if you had rolled a natural 1 on a d20 roll. The drawn mutation follows the standard Alpha Flux rules (house rules) and your permanent mutation will reassert itself at the end of the encounter.

[BULL] End Flux. Instead of healing and gaining a defense bonus, you may choose to end an Alpha Flux mutation. Discard the mutation and your permanent mutation (which was replaced by the Alpha Flux-generated mutation) reasserts itself and is readied (untapped).

[BULL] Pure-Strain Human: Omega Recharge. You may, instead of healing and gaining a defense bonus, recharge one of your Omega Tech devices by untapping it. You may use this Omega Tech device an additional time this turn. If you do so, you do not get to roll an Omega Charge check at the end of the encounter, you must discard that Omega Tech.

[FLAVOR]   Your Second Wind is available for a single use each encounter. This means that during short or extended rests, your Second Wind is refreshed.[/FLAVOR]
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