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[E]Reality Zero Campaign Start
« on: November 05, 2010, 09:59:59 PM »
Today was the first game of the campaign. The players found themselves slaves of the Splugorth and forced to fight in the slaver's arena.

The combatants were the 5 players vs. an Orlen and a Badder with their Hoop Warrior and Porker minions. Combat was fierce with most of the players ganging up on the favored Orlen.

One of the PCs (Dwight's character) went down at least 3 times. He was saved by another PC (Tommy) and some lucky rolls. The others realized there were minions in the pit and decided to clear away the rabble.

After a few "hundred-hand slaps" from the Orlen, the PCs were finally able to crush the other arena combatants to much applause from the spectators. The presiding Splugorth slaver and its companion got the crowd roaring which earned the victors an extra round of ancient junk rewards.

The day was won and every PC survived their first arena combat. Guards corralled the PCs to their separate cages below the arena.

Will the PCs make it to freedom or will they be forced to fight in the arena until they've been killed or die of old age? We shall see!

[REWARD]Rewards gained this session (per player): 282 XP, Roll 2x on Ancient Junk table.[/REWARD]
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