Author Topic: [E] Session Report: Session 18  (Read 169 times)


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[E] Session Report: Session 18
« on: December 27, 2012, 10:38:38 AM »
A witness has stepped forward to identify the assailants of the monastery!

A young girl, known to Katcy as one of the children in the monastery, has survived the attack. She was out gathering berries as part of her morning chores when the attack came. She was smart and hid herself from the attackers and has been living in the forest, by herself, ever since.

She described the assailants as goblins, orcs, and other tainted creatures. They were led by a large, furry woman who was barking orders to the rest. The little girl watched as her parents were slaughtered, her friends were burned, and others were taken away (approximately 5 or 6); Katcy's husband was one of them.

Through diligent efforts, the group was able to track down the group and a fight ensued. The party was victorious. The only problem is the missing captives, which told our heroes that this was only a part of the group who attacked the Monastery.

There is a cave at the back of the valley. Is this where the group can find "the furry woman"? Is this the location of the captured monks?

Note: This session marks the beginning of using the Pathfinder rules instead of the D&D 4th edition rules.