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[E] Session Report: Session 15
« on: September 18, 2012, 10:45:38 PM »
After a long bout of travel back to the future and then another two weeks into the journey back to New Unswich, the party decided to blow off some steam...

There was talk of stackable mounts where Squiggy would ride Rispah who rode Church who rode Bobo who rode Squiggy's wolf who rode Talek who rode the Raptor longboat...Then hilarity ensued.

Ella, depressed that she was at a crossroads, drunk herself into a stupor. Katcy, missing her husband also drank herself into depression. Rispah, however, drunk on the psychic version of Ella's liquor, ended up snagging some tail. Another rat in the area (a common Talurian rat) and she had a wonderful night. Ella, due to her inebriated state and psychic link with her adopted sister, also experienced the "rat dance".

Bobo followed a dwarf around town in an attempt to discover any information on the dwarven black market. Said dwarf had made many deliveries throughout town before Bobo caught up with him. The dwarf, however, was drunk and kept going on and on about the idea of the black market scaring the falin. "IT'S THE IDEOLOGY OF THE THING!"

Bristol was visited by his god in a vision and told him he must redeem himself before continuing upon the quest set before him. The eladrin is unable to speak about his current situation other than to ask for help concerning his redemption quest. In addition to all of this, a surly eladrin happened to be present at the tavern the party was visiting. Excited to see someone of his own race, Bristol made a bee-line to talk to the grump. Bobo, having figured out that this particular eladrin was stewing for a fight, knocked Bristol's knee out from under him in order to stop the imminent bloodbath.

Squiggy was able to concoct a "wake up" or "anti-hangover" remedy for those who partook a little too much of the drink.

Oh, and Bobo was attempting to backstab the ocean...goblins...

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