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[E] Session Report: Session 14
« on: August 29, 2012, 10:39:34 PM »
While Ella attempts to contact her loved ones, the party attempts to find the best way back to New Unswich to complete their business there.

A little girl, who was excited to see Rispah (and asked to pet her), asked an innocent question, "Why don't you turn your ship into an air ship?"

The seed of an idea now sprouting, the party also discovers that a local boy had apprenticed to become an alchemist. These particular professionals know how to create alchemical steam from stone. These stones are what power today's airships. While the water supply is turned to steam, the stones last for years. In any case, the party took on the jobs of caravan guards as they make their way toward the closest capital city: Dainswarn.

The party also discovered that the founder of Sandytol was none other than Captain Deudermont and his crew. They arrived 200 years prior on a ship that looked like it was charred by dragon fire. There is a statue of the good captain in the town's square.

Along the way, they discovered that a fissure which once housed a river (and a bridge) has widened. This has caused the local city to rebuild the bridge to accommodate the crevasse. In addition, the river now goes deep below ground to a large, underground lake. Nobody has gone down to investigate this area and are concentrating on repairing and extending the bridge.

As luck would have it, Alain (the apprentice alchemist) has taken up residence in the local city and has agreed to convert Talek's ship to an airship.

In need of a pilot, they are in luck when Athena makes her appearance. Due to her mastery of flight and understanding of air currents, she is asked to take the role of captain of the ship. Athena readily agrees.

The party also discovers that the crevasse they are near (the bridge having been recently finished to allow passage of the caravan) extends all the way, in various widths and depths, to Talek's homeland.

Will the party investigate the crevasse? Will they investigate rumors of changeling infiltration of Talek's homeland? Or will they continue to Dainswarn? With little money on hand, it is apparent that the alchemist will have work available as well, in order to pay off the debt the party owes...
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