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[E] Session Report: Session 12
« on: July 29, 2012, 09:01:51 PM »
The hurricane is in full force while our party is stuck in the ruin of an old tower when the rains suddenly die out and a thick fog blankets the area. Amidst the fog, the bodies of dead raptors can be seen littering the ground outside the entrance to the tower.

Three ghostly human soldiers walk amongst the dead, checking for survivors. They do not notice the party still within the shadows of the tower.

As quickly as the fog appeared, it disappears, taking with it the soldiers and the dead. The rain begins again, followed quickly by the tremendous winds of the storm.

Eight hours later, it is night. The stars look different as if they were out of season. The large shadows in the distance tell Talek that the islands of Ichio and Deiwa are also the islands known by his people as Sorin's Maw. According to legend, whenever Sorin's Maw appeared off the coast, a titanic dragon named Sorin would make an appearance not long after. His wingspan was said to stretch from mountain top to mountain top on the twin islands. Talek also has the feeling that he is home.

Proceeding cautiously, the party emerges from the tower and works their way to the temple. The entrance is surrounded by statues of human soldiers who are wearing the same armor and insignia as those of the ghostly trio. An apparition appears when the majority of the group get close to the entrance. She is speaking in hushed tones and can only be heard by those brave enough to place their ear next to her mouth.

In a voice entirely too quiet, the female human says:

"beneath the waves / a forgotten grave / a killer there of old / facade of shade / it's name forbade / never to be told"

Ella relates the phrase to the scroll she found during her research and, with some hesitation, the party enters the temple.

The temple is in ruin, yet the altar is untouched. Rispah finds a sword's blade, black and cold, sitting on the altar. She gives a mighty shove and knocks it to the floor. Then, the ambush happens, or should have happened. Raptors attack, madness in their eyes, and strike at everyone. The battle is bloody and the party emerges victorious even though Ella was knocked unconscious a few times.

Will Talek attempt to avenge himself by killing the one who took his place as heir to his family? Will the rest of the party aid him in this quest? How will they get back to New Unswich and continue the search for Ella's mother?
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