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[E] Session Report: Session 11
« on: July 19, 2012, 08:48:25 PM »
In the midst of discovering what the orcs are doing on the island, the "warning" Filoria gave Squiggy came to pass. Shortly after she left, "Uncle Lenny's" ship was discovered three days out. The standard contact method using carrier pigeons was failing and it was due to the plague that Lenny carries with him due to his curse.

The quarterly full moon event was about to start and with the help of the captain of the guard and his ship, the party set sail to intercept Lenny and divert him to the possible location of the temple that caused the curse. The captain was able to shed light on the entire situation, seeing as Lenny had served under him in the past when he was a pirate captain. The islands of Ichio and Deiwa, once separate "twin islands," had become one due to the lower sea levels. The temple which brought Lenny's curse sits atop Ichio's flattened peak.

The captain explained that Lenny was under the impression that he had to sacrifice his nephew, Squiggy, in order to end the curse. The captain and his other men sacrificed their wealth and turned to a life of protecting, rather than praying, upon the innocent. Their curses mitigated, they were able to continue their lives without further incident.

Lenny, however, carries a plague that is unleashed when the moons of Quel are all in alignment. The three days each quarter that this happens also causes havoc with Katcy's lycanthropic nature. She involuntarily assumes her hybrid form and becomes bloodthirsty. Unwittingly, one of the captains men, Adrian, happened to be in the locked belly of the ship when Katcy transforms and just as Katcy reaches Adrian's sleeping form, Rispah stops her.

The following days are a race to the Twin Islands, keeping their distance from Lenny, and keeping Katcy under chain until her madness ends. Bobo, however, enjoyed tormenting the wererat during this time, nearly becoming her next victim.

The party has made it to their destination just as the full moon's three days has ended and right before a massive hurricane makes landfall. The ship is in safe harbor and the party half-way to the temple.

Will they be able to save Lenny without killing him? Will Lenny end his curse by sacrificing Squiggy? Only time will tell...

Note: Quel, the world in which this story takes place has four moons: Daran, the blue-green gem of the night sky; Ginpei and Tinpei, the brown and white twins, and Una the grey wanderer. The moons have their own cycles: Ginpei and Tinpei are in close proximity and it seems as if Ginpei is always chasing Tinpei. Their full moon cycles happen the last night of each week. Una seems to wander through the heavens on a meandering path. Her full moon cycle lasts one full week every three months. Finally, Daran seems to be a steady presence in the sky. Much like our moon, there is always one face pointing at Quel. Daran's full moon cycle happens once per month for three days.

Due to the orbits of the four moons of Quel, every three months for three days, the moons seem to collide/merge with one another with one day of an elongated moon then three days of a single moon followed by one more day of an elongated moon.

The current session happened during the first four days, the last day is where we will pick up with Session 12.
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