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[E] Session Report: Session 8
« on: May 14, 2012, 10:23:52 PM »
In need of funds for new equipment, the group turned to Rispah. Utilizing her connections with the rat underground to obtain "72 bits of shiny." (Rats are not aware of the value humanoid races place on shiny things). In return, Rispah owes 1 black and 2 red favors to the underground.

New vendors were visited such as Hanzel and Franzel, the half-ogre tailors. Curiously, all of their mannequins are perfect life-like copies of the races they portray. Katcy ran into a dwarf version in her changing room as she changed. Thinking the mannequin was real, she turned and split it down the middle with a single punch when she felt its bushy beard touch her posterior. The mannequins are so real, Rispah is convinced that they are watching you.

Bristol, having purchased a new set of clothes from H&F, set about righting the opinions his first impression created.

Katcy visited the local lore master in an attempt to learn more about bugbears.

Talek discovered that the felin are so competent as merchants that they had actually gotten a hold of more raptor-style armor, simply because Talek had visited them once before (and purchased their last suit of raptor armor).

Squiggy had the magical items they had acquired examined by the lore master. What they found was astonishing! What they thought was a bronze spear of simplicity is, in actuality, the shaft of Wave, an artifact that had been used by the heroes who closed the Entropic Lord's gate on Egesa. Where the artifact's tines are, nobody is aware. But the lore master said that some witnesses of the destruction of the continent saw red streaks of light shooting from the center of the continent where the portal was. It is now certain that at least one of those streaks of light landed in New Unswich just before the tainted went mad.

Wary of wandering through the slums with Ylrish and her sons still lurking about, the party decided to look into Thorne outpost, the same outpost that is overrun by monsters. Their first foray onto the island met with undead resistance in the form of several zombies. The fight was not easy, but the party prevailed. They were aware of monsters inhabiting the area, but the undead were not expected.

A surprise visit by one Filoria of Gand surprised Squiggy this day. It started with a whiff of familiar perfume, then by a particular type of rye/cheese spread found in only one place in his past. Squigward Von Pellinewton (as he was addressed by Filoria) was not in happy spirits as his ex-lover found him and decided to make his life...unfortunately not happy.

What will the party discover on the island? The same island where Frinain was last seen rushing towards only to never be heard from again...
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