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[E] Session Report: Session 7
« on: April 28, 2012, 04:26:22 PM »
Captured! Everyone but Squiggy and Athena were captured during the last encounter with Ylrish's sons leading the ambush party.

Talek has been tortured. Gellac has been tortured. Katcy, using her uncanny ability to transform into a rat escaped torture and had guards searching the underground caves the prison was located in. Gellac was interrogated concerning a spear that Ylrish believes is in the party's possession.

Ella discovered her amulet could not be seen by anyone but her and therefor was the only piece of equipment/adornment that anyone still possessed. She found that it was glowing stronger than before.

Bobo ate poop and found it had a nice, subtle, nutty flavor with a hint of grass...he learned afterwards that it's probably not a good idea to get chummy with his captors, especially those that are big, hairy, and would rather eat him than leave him in a prison cell.

Bristol discovered the business end of a club is not to be trifled with, especially if it is being wielded by a large, brutish bugbear that seems to have a hint of ogre lineage.

While a rat sneaked around the outside, another rat and a sprite sneaked into the prison asking each and every prisoner if their name was Ella. It was revealed that not only did this rat speak common, but she was also sent by "Auntie" to rescue Ella (whom Ella resembles). Ella, speechless and entranced, concentrated on a stone and threw it into Talek's cell. An illusion of a cowering Talek took up residence and shortly thereafter, the party made their way into the prison's sewer system. Katcy took it upon herself to rescue a kenku who was near death.

They emerged into an alley in one of the old ruins of Unswich that had been buried over the centuries. There were signs of shops, housing, and other places everywhere they walked. Tired, hungry, and dehydrated (well, perhaps Bobo wasn't as hungry) the group made their way through the now labyrinthine ruins. They discovered crevasses that fell into the underdark, a old armory/weaponry/blacksmith shop with a strange symbol on a rusted anvil. It was here that Ella discovered a psionically hidden pair of weapons. An axe and a short sword. While traveling through another part of the ruins, Gellac found an unassuming silver ring.

By the time the party had gotten close to finding a source of water, they discovered they were no longer able to wander at their leisure. Ylrish and her three sons (a mute bugbear, a half-orc/half-bugbear, and a full-blooded bugbear named Francis) had discovered where the party had escaped to and followed them. The chase was on!

No sooner had our heroes made it to the exit did Ylrish and her spawn begin pounding on the stone doors the group had gotten shut. With displays of great strength, the bugbear group began breaking the doors down. In the interim, Squiggy, Ella, Bristol, and Rispa (the rat) had gotten through the locked sewer grate behind the Traveling Troll tavern. Gellac was able to pick the lock and free everyone, locking the grate again before Ylrish could recapture anyone.

The town guard has since collapsed much of the ruins, which they hope will end the repeated incursions by Ylrish and Norrick the Rogue.
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