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[E] Session Report: Session 6
« on: April 13, 2012, 11:42:15 PM »
The day started with a missing raptor. A goblin arrived with a message from Ylrish stating she had him kidnapped and thanking the party for bringing her "my first love." The party was told to go to Ohlo's mansion if they wanted to see Talek again.

The party obliged, but not before doing research on Ohlo and the whereabouts of his mansion. A map was obtained which displayed a route to the mansion (along with a note: Beware the Spectral Panther -- see XKCD). The party successfully made it past the Spectral Panther Tavern and to Ohlo's mansion where the front doors opened for them.

Bristol threw a half loaf of bread through the doors and then he and Bobo walked right in. Gellac and Katcy were close behind with Ella by the front windows.

Two bugbears (one which looked like he was half-orc, half-bugbear) greeted the party. The half-breed demanded the party give them what "Momma" is looking for. After a short round of demands and declarations that the half-breed wanted the pretty lady and that Momma wanted the lizard, a short battle ensued.

It was obvious that the party was no match for their foes. Katcy and Gellac were knocked unconscious almost immediately, followed by Bobo. Bristol attempted to teleport from the mansion only to run head-long into the protections that Ohlo placed on his home to deter would-be thieves and intruders. Bristol was taken out shortly thereafter. Ella, on the other hand, had made an attempt to flee for help only to be chased down and knocked out by Ylrish's eldest son.

Squiggy and Athena were not available, having departed for a short time for different missions and communing with nature...

The party has been captured by Ylrish's band and she is apparently looking for something she believes the party has. What's going to happen?

Only time will tell...
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