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World of Taluria, The / [E] Session Report: Session 4
« Last post by Excalibur on March 17, 2012, 12:08:33 AM »
The party discovered that Finain, a minotaur paladin of Pelor, was last seen going into the keep that is currently overrun with monsters. Nobody has seen him in the 10 years since he went to the defense of the keep.

This information was given to you by Dalia, a psionically powerful elderly woman who had direct contact with Ella's mother. The amulet that Ella wears was described as a portion of a shardmind's brain, something that could only really be found at the legendary Shardmind's Graveyard. Dalia also regaled tales of listening to stories that Ella's mother told her about Ella and her brother Austin. It seems the oldest and youngest of her children were bright beacons of hope that kept her from undergoing "goblinization."

10 years ago (2 years after the women first arrived on the island), the vast majority of goblin, orc, and minotaur citizenry went ballistic. They attacked the other citizens and were driven out of the new part of the city. Just before this happened, Ella's mother bid farewell to Dalia, whispered "stay safe" into her ear and left for parts unknown. It was also revealed that Ella's mother seems to bear the guilt for the destruction of Egesa. When asked if Ella's mother had any enemies, Dalia replied that the woman was well liked and her skills as a seamstress were often sought out by many in the city.

After the conversation, while walking back to the upper city, there was a strange incident where someone humanoid-shaped (roughly human-sized) bumped into a barrel and was pulled into an adjacent alley by a gloved had that was displaying light-colored fur. Talek thought he smelled Ylrish's stink in the air and though everyone searched, they found no real trace of Ylrish nor the person who was pulled into the alley.

Once this commotion calmed down, the captain of the guard summoned them for questioning pertaining to the death of Dalia. After several hours of "kind interrogation," the priests in the city determined that there was no foul play and that Dalia had died of natural causes (heart attack). No poison had been found in her system, though a small puncture wound was discovered at the base of her skull, near the brain stem. It was about the size of a fishhook, needle, or tiny rapier (seeing as the party counts a sprite as one of it's members). Bobo was consulted as a poison's expert due to Talek's answers during questioning. Talek also warned against another poison user, Ylrish. Later that evening, Ella noticed that her amulet was glowing ever-so-softly (Talek had seen this while they were being questioned).

Finally, the following day, the quest to clear the slums continued. The party faced off against 8 goblin minions and two powerful tainted goblins. The party was victorious but had witnessed one of the goblins exploding into a mist of caustic disease. Ella and Bobo were nauseous when they were exposed to the swirling, black cloud of ash and disease. No goblins were left alive.

Bobo was able to hear the goblins arguing about an old woman who was marked for death on "the boss's" command. The assassination was to take place within the next few days. This old woman was reportedly powerful.

Also of note, the elven cleric that helped investigate the sewers had disappeared, almost directly after the revelation of what happened to the townsfolk.
World of Taluria, The / [E] Session Report: Session 3
« Last post by Excalibur on March 03, 2012, 12:31:58 AM »
Well, even though we only had 2 players, they recruited two adventurers to help out with clearing a section of the tunnels. What they found was telling indeed.

Groups of tainted goblins and dire rats were in the section of the sewers the party entered. In the midst of one battle, a goblin "transmogrified" into a bigger, tougher, entropy-infected goblin that carried plague.

The party prevailed but one was infected with the Dire Rat Filth Fever disease. The Eladrin cleric that was brought along went white when she recognized the entropy infection that hadn't been seen for 20 years. Personal effects of the goblins turned out to be that of missing persons (who had been disappearing for the past 3-4 months). A ring was found that linked one of the goblins to the missing servant.

The next day, Gellac and Squiggy found that the minotaur paladin of Pelor wasn't seen by anyone else but the party. Nobody remembered seeing him and the owner of the Traveling Troll said that Gellac was talking to himself at the time. They are now looking to interview dwarf twins who do the cleaning and maintenance of the inn.

A rat was caught and fed water from the blackened river (the river turned 3-4 months ago). The rat died in a painful and agonizing manner.

The missing persons that were found to have been turned into goblins were all human. Non-human guards were stationed at the locked sewer entrances by order of the city guard.
World of Taluria, The / [M] Map Progress
« Last post by Excalibur on February 12, 2012, 09:49:12 AM »
As I announced on the Facebook group page, I am working on a digital version of the New Unswich city map. Here's an "in progress" shot (it's a rather large image, FYI. Right-click and choose view image to see the thing full-size):

The city park looks semi-cool, but I have since removed that effect and am looking for other ways to represent top-down trees. I am also re-thinking the cliff through the center of town and am probably going to make it more of a slope than a straight cliff (at least in parts) since boats should be able to pass through the city. There is a waterfall in the current map and that prohibits river traffic from actually happening.

In any case, there you have it.
World of Taluria, The / [E] Session Report: Session 2
« Last post by Excalibur on February 11, 2012, 01:06:41 AM »
I think tonight was an awesome night. The characters learned more about New Unswich (now properly pronounced as Unz-wick), some of the history of the area and a few adventure hooks.

Gellac spoke briefly with a fellow paladin of Pelor, one minotaur named Frinain, and learned of Nyasuma the Crimson. Nyasuma visited the inner, dark remains of the continent Egesa and returned a changed giant. He had sparkling, clear, blue eyes before the trip and when he returned, his eyes were devoid of pupil, iris, and whites--they were now entirely black. This happened approximately 17 years ago when Nyasuma went in search of artifacts that were rumored to still be on the remains of Egesa. When he returned, the Talurian folk (goblin, orc, minotaur, etc.) that were still susceptible to the taint went mad and fled or were chased from the city by those who were unaffected. Since then, there are some who arrive on the island that have gone missing after venturing outside the wall (all races have had this happen at some point).

Talek believes his old tormentor Ylrish (a female hobgoblin) may be behind the disappearance of one Arbeorht, a servant of the Elf Inyen and friend of Inyen's other servant Breda. He mysteriously disappeared while fetching water from the northern-most public well in the city park along Grove Road. Ylrish is a known serial killer (to Talek) who somehow got released from prison due to good behavior. She volunteered to be relocated to the island as a weaponsmith. She survived the sinking of the prison ship that brought everyone to the island and disappeared after they all made it safely to shore. She is known to relocate any victims 20 miles away to an underground location where she removes the left foot and drains the blood from the victim. After 300 murders, she is also a feared and deadly opponent. Talek isn't joking when he says that she let him live when he encountered her as a youth.

Bobo made an attempt to help train some militia who were practicing archery in the town guard's complex (the party went to warn them of Ylrish). He successfully taught the proper form for using a bow and helped a few trainees actually hit their assigned targets. Though this came at some humility when he, himself, missed the targets.

The party secured a base of operations in the form of a 3-story Victorian-style townhouse. A secret wine cellar was discovered as well as a ledge along the city wall that was too small for a human to really make use of but a sprite could easily use it as a walkway. The house is on Grove Road and close to the most excellent tavern The Traveling Troll.

Another foray into the slums met with the destruction of another patrol, this time of tainted goblins. This makes two encounters survived.

The next session will be held on March 2nd, 8 PM, @ Richmond Comix.
World of Taluria, The / [D] Updated Random Race & Class Tables
« Last post by Excalibur on January 28, 2012, 09:48:45 PM »
I have added the Heroes of the Elemental Chaos Wizard class, the Sha'ir. This gave me 5 Wizard classes so I went to d6 with 1-2, the Arcanist, the most common option.

I have also made the decision to take the Wilden off of the Rare Races table and replace it with the Shardmind. Shardminds are very, very rare though some still exist.
Page Content / The Dearly Departed
« Last post by Excalibur on January 21, 2012, 01:35:00 AM »
  • Coming soon...
Page Content / Episodic Cast
« Last post by Excalibur on January 21, 2012, 01:34:37 AM »
  • Athena, Female Sparok Druid
  • Gellac Thov, Male Human Rogue/Paladin
  • Squigward Von Pellinewton, Male Human Druid
Page Content / The Cast
« Last post by Excalibur on January 21, 2012, 01:33:57 AM »
  • Bobo, Male Talurian Goblin Fighter/Ninja
  • Katcy, Female Githyanki Monk
  • Rispah, Female Noble Rat Ardent
  • Talek, Male Raptor (Velociraptor) Marshal
  • Bristol Tumbleweed, Male Eladrin Inquisitor
  • Ella Wilder, Female Talurian Human Psion

Page Content / Next Session
« Last post by Excalibur on January 21, 2012, 01:32:11 AM »
Richmond Comix: January 18, 2013 @ 8:00 PM
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