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Title: [M] The Rules Have Changed!
Post by: Excalibur on December 27, 2012, 02:21:29 PM
I have found that the 4th Edition of D&D (4e) does not fit particularly well with the style of role-playing that I like to DM. I can see it in my players as well: 4e is too limited to fully encapsulate the characters they want to play. 4e is geared more toward tactical, map-based combat and has a distinct World of Warcraft feeling to it. In addition, all of the powers that everyone gets has their own rules, conditions, prerequisites, and other idiosyncrasies. One of the most important issues with 4e is that it is a pain to use in a non-combat situation since almost all of the character's abilities and powers are geared for combat whether to be used in combat or to initiate combat.

While the group has been successfully (in my opinion) been role-playing on a weekly basis, we have not been using 4e to support the non-combat aspect of the game. Sure there are some skill checks, but aside from taking 10, taking 20, or being given the information, we have not been using any system to govern what can be done when out of combat.

I had been attempting to bring in some of the support from D&D 3rd edition (3.0, 3.5, and Pathfinder) it had dawned on me that what we needed was to move completely to the Pathfinder rules (PF). Aside from some small changes from 3.5 and some slightly larger changes from 3.0, there has been an enormous amount of material written for the d20 system that gave birth to PF. I have many books and a lot more material freely available on the Internet for these versions of D&D.

As a result, a house ruled version of PF will be used as our rule set going into the future. For the purposes of house rules, I am bringing in rules from other d20 products such as d20 Modern, Iron Kingdoms, and other settings/alternate rules. As such, I will be publishing to the blog, a complete list of house rules and their sources. 4e will also be used for some things such as feats and for PC races that are currently in use.

Of these house rules, I will be providing the following as FREE to all characters both old and new:

In addition to the above house rules, I am bringing these rules into effect immediately: